Rail Road | MyRoad Series [22min]

Nic Von Rupp, Tom Lowe, Barry Mottershead, and more surfing big waves in Norway, Ireland and more. 22min surf video created by Gustavo Imigrante in 2019.

( YouTube : Rail Road | MyRoad Series)

– Series –

My Road Series

– Surfer –

Nic Von Rupp (@nicvonrupp)

Tom Lowe (@tomloweyo)

Barry Mottershead (@sligokayaktours)

Dylan Stott (@mr__mantis)

Russell Bierke (@russellbierke)

Conor Maguire (@conormaguiree)

Peter Conroy (@pedro2468)

Mick Fanning (@mfanno)

Fergal Smith

Patch Wilson (@patchos_w)

Alex Botelho (@alex_botelho)

Natxo Gonzalez (@natxogonzalez1)

Matt Bromley (@bromdog7)

– Presented by –

Hurley (@hurley)

Monster Energy (@monsterenergy)

– Directed by –

Gustavo Imigrante (@gustavoimigrante)

– Film/Edit –

Gustavo Imigrante (@gustavoimigrante)

Dinis Sottomayor (@dinissottomayor)

– Film –

Guy Mac (@guy__mac)

Chris McClean (@chrismcclean)

Nuno Dias (@nuno_diass)

Antoine Chicoye (@antoine.chicoye)

Hugo Almeida (@hugoalmeida)

Diogo Evaristo Silva

Nick Pollet (@nickpollet)

Mikey Cotton

– Water Footage –

Gastao Entrudo (@gastaoentrudo)

Andrew Kaineder (@andrewkaineder)

Laurent Pujol (@laurentpujol)

Darcy Ward (@darcywardvisuals)

– Location –




– Music –

"The Arrival" by Astrodome

"Quebra" by Peixe Aviao

"Load Of This World. Black Sabath Cover" by Savanna

"Apoteose Do Amor" by Orlando Silva

"High Spirits" by Astrodome

"A New Start" by The Bows

"Goal Mine Rhythm" by Dan Ayalor

"Dark Tension" by Kyle Paeston

"Silenge" by Estelle Mey

– Year –


– Run Time –


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