Reef Presents: The Path of the Modern Gypsy [24min]

Luke Davis, Michael Dunphy, Dylan Goodale, and more surfing overhead waves. 24min surfing edit filmed in 2011.

( Vimeo : Reef Presents: The Path of the Modern Gypsy)

– Series –

The Path of The Modern Gypsy

– Surfer –

Luke Davis (@lukedavisthegrey)

Michael Dunphy (@michaeldunphy)

Dylan Goodale (@dylangoodtimes)

Rob Machado (@rob_machado)

Tom Curren (@curfuffle)

Tonino Benson

Paul Fisher (@followthefishtv)

Sean Moody (@moodyhawaii)

Jay 'Bottle' Thompson (@bottle82)

Stephen Koehne (@livesalty)

Thiago Camarao (@thiagocamarao)

Ross Williams (@rosswilliamshawaii)

Chris Waring (@chris__waring)

Ben Bourgeois (@bennyboosh)

Mike Losness (@mlosness)

Heath Walker (@heathwalker07)

– Presented by –

Reef (@reef)

– Produced by –

Jeff Moore

Kevin Flanagan (@flanarchy)

PJ Connell (@pj_connell_80)

Heath Walker (@heathwalker07)

– Directed by –

Russell Brownley (@thewuss)

– Film –

Russell Brownley (@thewuss)

Chris Bryan (@chrisbryanfilms)

Chris Straley (@chrisstraley)

Ivan Tanjung (@ivantanjung)

Jerry Brucoleri

Cody Welsh (@codywelsh)

Ryan Moss (@ryan.moss)

Nic McLean (@nicmclean)

– Edit –

Russell Brownley (@thewuss)

– Music –

"Silent Films" by Orillia Opry

"Koonyum Sun" by Xavier Rudo

"Cat Master" by Bareback DJ's

"When I'm Small" by Phantogram

"Darktechfinalmix" by Nick Rosza

"Cranberry" by Ruby Suns

– Year –


– Run Time –


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