Rip Curl Grom Camp - Hawaii 2016 [4min]

Luke Gordon, Crosby Colapinto, Alyssa Spencer, and more surfing overhead waves in North Shore, Oahu and more. 4min surf video created by Justin Jung in 2016.

(YouTube : Rip Curl Grom Camp - Hawaii 2016)

– Surfer –

Luke Gordon (@lukes_gordons)

Crosby Colapinto (@crosbycola)

Alyssa Spencer (@alyssa_spencer1)

Cole Alves (@cole_alves)

Leilani Mcgonagle (@leilanimcgonagle)

Sean Woods (@seanwoodzy)

Robert Grillho (@robert_g_3_)

Diego Ferri (@diegoferri_)

Brisa Hennessy (@brisahennessy)

Wyatt McHale (@wyattmchale)

– Presented by –

Rip Curl (@ripcurl_aus)

– Film/Edit –

Justin Jung (@justinjjung)

– Additional Footage –

Matt Myers (@mr_mattmyers)

– Location –

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA  

– Music –

"Dreaming Forever" by Age Rings

– Year –


– Run Time –


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