Rob Machado: NobodySurf Originals [1min]

Rob Machado at Seaside Reef in Fall, 2018. It's always fun to watch Rob's surfing, especially his bottom turns and cutbacks. Without a doubt, he can ride any kind of surfboard with both speed and grace. I'd like to see Rob ride single fins and longboards more often. (Tatsuo Takei)

– Series –

NobodySurf Originals

– Surfer –

Rob Machado (@rob_machado)

– Film/Edit –

Tatsuo Takei (@tatsuo_takei)

– Supported by –

NobodySurf (@nobody_surf)

– Location –

California, USA  

– Music –

"Slowturning" by JITZUWA FINDER

– Year –


– Run Time –


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