Shipsterns Strike [3min]

Jarryd Foster, Jake Osman, Mikey Brennan, and more surfing big waves in Tasmania. 3min surf video created by Cabe Paparone in 2018.

( Vimeo : Shipsterns Strike)

– Surfer –

Jarryd Foster (@j.fos__the_creepyfoiler_)

Jake Osman (

Mikey Brennan (@mikeybrennan)

Marti Paradisis (@martipara)

Brett Burcher (@brettburcher)

Russell Bierke (@russellbierke)

– Presented by –

ARRK Wetsuits (@arrkwetsuits)

– Film/Edit –

Cabe Paparone (@cabepaparone)

– Location –

Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, Australia  

– Music –

"Freak Vibe" by Freak Vibe

"Vinyls" by Alex The Kid

– Year –


– Run Time –


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