SINK OR SWIM (The Movie) || SALTY CREW [24min]

Matt Meola, CJ Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, and more surfing big waves in Tavarua, Oahu and more. 24min surfing edit filmed in 2019.

( YouTube : SINK OR SWIM (The Movie) || SALTY CREW)

– Surfer –

Matt Meola (@mattmeola)

CJ Hobgood (@cjhobgood_)

Damien Hobgood (@damienhobgood)

Lucas Dirkse (@lurchas)

Levi Slawson (@levi.slawson)

– Presented by –

Salty Crew (@salty_crew)

– Directed by –

James Rico Tull (@jamestull)

Hayden Lane (@bighaydenlane)

– Film –

James Rico Tull (@jamestull)

Joe G

John Spencer

Matt Meola (@mattmeola)

Mark Thompson (@shhtorky)

Cameron Chaker

Talon Clemow (@onepalmmedia)

David Ochoa (@davidochoapt)

Justin Lee (@bigisleboy24)

– Narrated by –

Hayden Lane (@bighaydenlane)

– Written by –

Hayden Lane (@bighaydenlane)

– Location –

Oahu, Hawaii, USA  

Maui, Hawaii, USA  

Cloudbreak, Tavarua, Fiji  

– Music –

"Dance Of The Inhabitants" by John Fahey

"No Time" by Radio Moscow

"My Hawaiian Song Of Love" by Benjamin Rogers

"Heaven" by Ebo Taylor

"Sunflower Blues" by John Fahey

"Shuckin The Corn" by Flatt And Scruggs

"Brian Cycles" by Radio Moscow

"Get It" by Buffalo Killers

"Have You Seen My Son" by Benjamin Booker

"Janice The Stripper Pt One" by Henrys Funeral Shoe

"Lost My Mind" by Left Lane Cruiser

"Spinnin On This Rock" by Ramsay Midwood

– Year –


– Run Time –


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