Taj Burrow, Sterling Spencer, Adriano De Souza, and more surfing overhead waves. 38min surf video created by David Malcolm in 2011.

( Vimeo : SURF MADNESS!)

– Surfer –

Taj Burrow (@tajamos)

Sterling Spencer (@sterlingspencer)

Adriano De Souza (@adrianodesouza)

Eric Geiselman (@ericgeiselman)

Jordy Smith (@jordysmith88)

Rob Machado (@rob_machado)

Tonino Benson

Dave Rastovich

Warren Smith (@_warrensmith_)

Torrey Meister (@torreymeister)

Nate Tyler (@_natetyler)

Craig Anderson (@craig__anderson)

Dane Reynolds (@sealtooth)

Tim Curran (@_timcurran)

Kelly Slater (@kellyslater)

Shane Dorian (@shanedorian)

– Presented by –

Pinch My Salt

– Produced by –

Sterling Spencer (@sterlingspencer)

– Directed by –

David Malcolm (@poorolddave)

– Film/Edit –

David Malcolm (@poorolddave)

– Additional Footage –

Jerry Ricciotti (@jerryotti)

Victor Pakpour

Ryan Spencer (@ryanspencer)

Aaron Lieber (@lieberfilms)

Jason Blachard (@miniblanchard)

Nate Leal (@nateneal)

Nik Mccue

Beren Hall (@berenhall)

Graham Wade

Damien Fahrenfort (@doomasrumors)

Matty Cunningham

Mark Choiniere

Elliot Leboe (@acl_cinema)

– Supported by –

Billabong (@billabong)

Verizon Wireless (@verizon)

SURFER (@surferfilms)

– Narrated by –

Sterling Spencer (@sterlingspencer)

Edwin J Collins IV

– Music –

"Coffin Factory" by The Mumlers

"Over You" by Cat's Eyes

"Keeper" by The People's Temple

"When You Cut" by Moon Duo

"My Sunshine" by Ty Segall

"Danaquinn's Space Vacation" by Chris Mcdonald

"Shake The Shackles" by Crystal Stilts

"Girlfriend" by Ty Segall

"Cold Lips" by The Beets

"Time Sucker" by Mind Spiders

"Repatriated" by Handsome Furs

"Like It Was Again" by Dignan Porch

– Year –


– Run Time –


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