Sweet Summer Fade - The Wedge [3min]

Spencer Pirdy, Bobby Okvist, Damian Fahrenfort, and more surfing overhead waves in Newport Beach, Orange County and more. 3min surf video created by Jack Coleman in 2013.

( Vimeo : Sweet Summer Fade - The Wedge)

– Series –

Sweet Summer Fade

– Surfer –

Spencer Pirdy

Bobby Okvist (@bobbyokvist)

Damian Fahrenfort (@doomasrumors)

Kiran Jabeerdude

Casey Kalinyak (@casey_kalinyak)

– Presented by –

Thalia Surf (@thaliasurf)

– Film/Edit –

Jack Coleman (@jack_colemang)

– Location –

The Wedge, Newport Beach, Orange County, California, USA  

– Music –

"Why Am I Standing Here?" by Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

– Year –


– Run Time –


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