The Best of El Niño in Northern Peru [4min]

Alvaro Malpartida, Sebastian De Romana, and Cesar Siles surfing overhead waves in Cabo Blanco. 4min surf video created by Jose Plaza Malaga in 2016.

( Vimeo : The Best of El Niño in Northern Peru)

– Surfer –

Alvaro Malpartida (@malpafish)

Sebastian De Romana (@s_m_o_l)

Cesar Siles

– Presented by –

Thruster Magazine

– Film/Edit –

Jose Plaza Malaga (@joseplazam)

– Film –

Gianfranco Neumann (@giancofran)

Daniel Bacigalupo (@danielbacigalup0)

Christian Combe (@christian.combe)

– Location –

Cabo Blanco, Peru  

– Music –

"Highrise" by Pama International

– Year –


– Run Time –


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