the dream [5min]

Gabriel Sodre surfing overhead waves. 5min surfing edit filmed in 2019.

( YouTube : the dream)

– Surfer –

Gabriel Sodre (@surfergabrielsodre)

– Film –

Omar Diaz

Izi Rider

Miguel Lopez (@miguellopezsapito)

NNM.project (@nnm.project)

Vandielli Esmael Dias (@vandielliesmaeldias)

Maria Silvia (@casa_lunalu)

Moana Films (@moanafilmes)

Hebert Wau (@hebertwau)

Bruno Ventu (@bruno.ventu)

Mik Aldorado Wau (@mikrado.wau)

Eugenio Sarmento (@eugenioschucksarmento)

– Supported by –

Barrel Search Team (@barrelsearchteam)

– Music –

"The Roots Of Coincidence" by Pat Metheny Group

– Year –


– Run Time –


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