The Other Thing - Longboarding in Israel [6min]

Tzahi Haus, Hary Bell, Shachar Aharoni, and more surfing small waves in Israel. 6min surf video created by Noam Eshel in 2018.

( Vimeo : The Other Thing - Longboarding in Israel)

– Surfer –

Tzahi Haus (@tzahi67)

Hary Bell

Shachar Aharoni (@shushu_aharoni)

Alon Lahack (@alonlahack)

Guy Hummel

– Film/Edit –

Noam Eshel (@noam.eshel)

– Location –


– Music –

"Something Else" by Iris Bell Trio Feat. Butch Miles

"Magic Step" by Sam Prekop

"Gabba Gabba Hey" by Earl Zinger & Don Rogall

– Year –


– Run Time –


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