Volcom Stone Presents: Psychic Migrations [60min]

Over a year and a half in the making and featuring a cast of surfing’s most capable and compelling characters, anticipation is peaking for the release of Volcom Stone’s latest feature surf film, Psychic Migrations. Following 2014’s True To This, a surf-skate-snow epic, the forthcoming Psychic Migrations is yet another inspired Veeco Production that builds on more than 20 years and 30 influential films from the world of Volcom. Directed by veteran surf filmmaker Ryan Thomas and shot on location in the West Indies, East Indies, Australia, Polynesia, and the Americas, the film weaves the physical expression of riding a rousing score of waves with a cerebral odyssey through the scapes and textures travelled to find them.

( YouTube : Volcom Stone Presents: Psychic Migrations)

– Surfer –

Yago Dora (@yagodora)

Dusty Payne (@dusty_payne)

Mitch Coleborn (@mitch_coleborn)

Nate Tyler (@_natetyler)

Carlos Munoz (@munozcali)

Ryan Burch (@bobbersandsinkers)

Andrew Doheny (@andrew_doheny)

Parker Coffin (@parkercoffin)

Alex Gray (@a_gray)

Balaram Stack (@_balaram)

Mike Gleason (@mvgleason)

Miguel Tudela (@migueltudelach)

Joan Duru (@joanduru)

Imaikalani Devault (@imaikalani_devault)

Tom Dosland (@tommyd_4)

Kelly Slater (@kellyslater)

Gavin Beschen (@gavinbeschen808)

Ozzie Wright (@ozzywrong)

– Presented by –

Volcom (@volcomsurf)

– Produced by –

Matt Shuster (@mattshuster)

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

Tom Carey (@tomcarey)

– Directed by –

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Film –

Nate Leal (@nateneal)

Scott Stinnett (@melllow_yellow)

Matt Shuster (@mattshuster)

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Edit –

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Additional Footage –

Wes Larsen (@westooth)

Kai Neville (@kaineville)

Larry Haynes (@fluid_vision)

David Malcolm (@poorolddave)

Matt Shuster (@mattshuster)

Nate Leal (@nateneal)

Scott Stinnett (@melllow_yellow)

– Water Footage –

Tom Jennings (@tomjenno)

Daren Crawford (@intl_tanimal)

Talon Clemow (@onepalmmedia)

Nate Leal (@nateneal)

Tom Carey (@tomcarey)

– Artwork by –

Mike Aho (@mynameismikeaho)

Patrick Carrie (@patrickisrad)

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Location –

West Indies  

East Indies  




– Music –

"The Struggle Of The Magicians Part Three" by Gurdjieff & De Hartmann

"Shikaakwa" by Cave

"Arrow's Myth" by Cave

"Flight Patterns" by Al Lover

"Nature's Tuning" by Al Lover

"Saraswati" by Sir Richard Bishop

"Sticky Hulks" by Thee Oh Sees

"Web" by Thee Oh Sees

"Only Man Alive" by White Fence

"Subterranean" by Tracy Bryant

"Against It" by Corners

"Permanent Now" by Al Lover

"Palace Doctor" by Thee Oh Sees

"Bajas Ragas" by Bitchin Bajas

"Generator Larping" by Wand

"Some Sophisticated Name" by Jiggx

– Year –


– Run Time –


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