"WASH" [13min]

Andrew Jacobson surfing overhead waves. in Tahiti, USA and more. 13min surf video created by Layne Stratton in 2017.

( Vimeo : "WASH")

– Surfer –

Andrew Jacobson (@andrewjacobson)

– Film/Edit –

Layne Stratton (@laynestratton)

Keegan Gibbs

– Film –

Layne Stratton (@laynestratton)

Taylor Curran (@_taylorcurran)

Travis Kuhlman (@traviskuhlman)

Jacob Vanderwork (@jacobvanderwork)

Hunter Martinez (@_huntermartinez)

Nate Colburn (@nate_colburn)

Tyge Landa (@tygelanda)

Victor Pakpour

Maximo Tapia

Jeffrey O'Neil (@jeffrey.oneil)

– Narrated by –

Tyler Allen (@tylerallenvo)

– Location –

USA, Namibia, Indonesia, Tahiti  

– Music –

"Big Pimpin" by Jay Z

"Numberz" by Zackey Force Funk

"Honey Bones" by DOPE LEMON

"Da Summer" by Three 6 Mafia

"Never Gonna Cry Again" by Eurythmics

"Singularity" by Stephan Bodzin

"Sex Beat" by The Gun Club

– Year –


– Run Time –


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