Young Guns Webisodes - Bali [4min]

Tyler Newton, Ramzi Boukhiam, Maxime Huscenot, and more surfing chest-head waves in Bali. 4min surfing edit filmed in 2011.

( YouTube : Young Guns Webisodes - Bali)

– Series –

Young Guns Webisodes

– Surfer –

Tyler Newton (@tylernewts)

Ramzi Boukhiam (@ramziboukhiam)

Maxime Huscenot (@maximehuscenot)

Tom Carroll (@thomasvictorcarroll)

Kiron Jabour (@kiron_jabour)

Guillermo Satt (@guillermosatt)

Beyrick De Vries (@beyrick)

Brendon Gibbens (@brendongibbens)

– Presented by –

Quiksilver (@quiksilver)

– Location –

Bali, Indonesia  

– Music –

"I'll Have The Fried Neck Bones Please" by The Sage

– Year –


– Run Time –


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