Along the Margins of Many [35min]

TJ Blue, Ian Hurst, Sam Heck, and more surfing small waves in California. 35min surf video created by Cole Walton in 2018.

( YouTube : Along the Margins of Many)

– Surfer –

TJ Blue (@t_j_blue)

Ian Hurst (@ianhurst)

Sam Heck

Jordan Ripoll (@mistahfuckinj)

Summer Richley (@summerrichley)

Luke Worsham (@lukeworshamm)

Parker Russell (@parker_russell)

Eva Levy (@eva.levy)

Curren Lizares (@currenlizares)

Ian Mcglynn (@ian_mcglynn)

Graeme Tanaka (@graemetanaka)

Myles Gossett (@mylesgossett)


Ryan Salazar (@poolsweeper)

– Film/Edit –

Cole Walton (@colewaltonbro)

– Artwork by –

Cooper Wilhelm (@cooperwilhelm)

– Animation by –

Lily Nash (@spunkynelson)

– Location –

California, USA  

– Music –

"Beat" by Bowery Electric

"Evilminds" by Ghost Funk Orchestra

"My Mistake" by Canned Heat

"Terrapin" by Syd Barrett

"Tequila" by Wes Montgomery

"Forget About" by Sibylle Baier

Pinstripe Sunny

"Song Of The Jet" by Walter Wanderley

"Water" by Juan Wauters

"Hush Now" by Jimi Hendrix

"Human Fly" by The Cramps

"Bara To Yaju" by Haruomi Hosono

"Party Seacombo" by George Harrison

"Mine Too" by The Memories

"Home Town" by Witch

"Caress" by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

"Disco Pope" by The Prats

"Mold Baby" by The So So Glos

– Year –


– Run Time –


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