An Unexeptional Delight [10min]

Sam Crookshanks, Gavin Robinson, Saxon Watson, and more surfing small waves in Noosa, Sunshine Coast and more. 10min surf video created by James Smith in 2015.

( Vimeo : An Unexeptional Delight)

– Surfer –

Sam Crookshanks (@samuelcrookshanks)

Gavin Robinson (@sirgavinrobinson)

Saxon Watson (@saxonwatson)

Jack Lohse (@haolekook)

Taylor de Ville

Tyler Hing (@discojones_)

Dan Prior

Swedish Pete

– Film/Edit –

James Smith

– Location –

Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia  

– Music –

"Rocl Your Baby" by George McCrae

"Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Frankie Valli

"Spooky" by Dusty Springfield

– Year –


– Run Time –


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