Boogie Nights [13min]

Brett Barley, Lucas Rogers, Cash Barris, and more surfing chest-head waves in Outer Banks, North Carolina and more. 13min surf video created by Jeffrey O'Neil in 2019.

(Vimeo : Boogie Nights)

– Surfer –

Brett Barley (@brettbarley)

Lucas Rogers

Cash Barris

Dana Quinn

Brad Flora (@surftrash13)

Evan Geiselman (@evangeiselman)

Justin Quintal (@jquinny)

Mark Dawson (@dawsongramm)

Bo Raynor (@boraynor)

Christaan Van Vliet (@christaanvanvliet)

Jesse Hines (@surfinspoon)

Cory Lopez (@corylopez)

Gabe Kling (@thor904)

Hunter Hicks (@on_a_adventure)

Dallas Tolson (@dillydal252)

Wolfgang Blackwood (@wolfgang_blackwood)

Robbie McCormick (@rastaarobb)

Cody Craig (@codycraig80)

Michael Dunphy (@michaeldunphy)

Noah Schweizer (@noahschweizer)

– Film/Edit –

Jeffrey O'Neil (@jeffrey.oneil)

– Location –

Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA  

Rodanthe, North Carolina, USA  

Buxton, North Carolina, USA  

– Music –

"Boogie Nights" by Heatwave

"Moon Over Marin" by Dead Kennedys

"Wild In The Streets" by Circle Jerks

"Dreams Never End" by New Order

"Rock 'N Roll" by The Velvet Underground

– Year –


– Run Time –


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