Going Right [3min]

Brett Barley, Cory Lopez, Cash Barris, and more surfing overhead waves in Outer Banks. 3min surf video created by Jeffrey O'Neil in 2015.

(Vimeo : Going Right)

– Surfer –

Brett Barley (@brettbarley)

Cory Lopez (@corylopez)

Cash Barris

Joey Crum (@joeward85)

Parker Sawyer (@parker_sawyer)

Hunter Hicks (@on_a_adventure)

Grady Kenner (@gradykenner)

– Film/Edit –

Jeffrey O'Neil (@jeffrey.oneil)

– Water Footage –

Chris Norcross

– Location –

Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA  

– Music –

"Half Full Glass Of Wine" by Tame Impala

– Year –


– Run Time –


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