Flight To The Flats: Finals Video -TransWorld SURF [5min]

Josh Kerr, Balaram Stack, Dylan Graves, and more surfing overhead waves in Bali. 5min surfing edit filmed in 2013.

( YouTube : Flight To The Flats: Finals Video -TransWorld SURF)

– Surfer –

Josh Kerr (@josh_kerr84)

Balaram Stack (@_balaram)

Dylan Graves (@dylangraves)

Chippa Wilson (@chippawilson)

– Presented by –

Transworld Surf (@transworld_surf)

– Film –

James Lugo (@lugo_lugo)

Bryant Thomas (@bryantthomas)

Julian Martin (@juliangoulian)

– Edit –

Jensen Young Sik (@jensenyoungsik)

– Supported by –

Monster Energy (@monsterenergy)

Arnette (@arnette)

Fox Surf (@foxsurfaustralia)

mophie (@mophie)

– Location –

Bali, Indonesia  

– Music –

"Shadows" by The KVB

"Midnight Drive" by Still Corners

– Year –


– Run Time –


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