Mikey Evans [4min]

Mikel Evans, Max Fatello, Perry Reynolds, and more surfing chest-head waves in New Hampshire. 4min surf video created by Joe Radano in 2020.

( Vimeo : Mikey Evans)

– Surfer –

Mikel Evans (@not_mikel)

Max Fatello (@_miami_dave)

Perry Reynolds

Kyle Linseman (@coastal_quiver)

Kai Nichols

– Film/Edit –

Joe Radano (@joeradano)

– Additional Footage –

Max Fatello (@_miami_dave)

Ralph Fatello (@ralphs.pic)

– Water Footage –

Brayden Rudert (@brudert)

– Location –

New Hampshire, New England, USA  

– Music –

"Roy Roy" by Twit One

"The Main Inspiration" by Madlib

"When The Clock Ticks" by Jazz Liberatorz

"Trippy Isolator" by Young Marco

– Year –


– Run Time –


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