the_cvrrent // june '17 [8min]

Andrew Nota, Pat Bedsole, Matt Nota, and more surfing small waves in Rhode Island. 8min surf video created by TJ Thran in 2017.

( Vimeo : the_cvrrent // june '17)

– Surfer –

Andrew Nota (@an_ota)

Pat Bedsole (@hugh_heshner)

Matt Nota (@mfnota)

Kyle Halavik (@viktorvision)

Jon Baylor (@jonbaylor)

Chayne Cousens

Matthew Krupa (@matthewkrupa_)

TJ Thran (@bagels.n.boardin)

Craig Gogan

– Presented by –

Endless Decade (@endless.decade)

CVRRENT (@_cvrrent)

– Film/Edit –

TJ Thran (@bagels.n.boardin)

– Film –

Andrew Nota (@an_ota)

Kyle Halavik (@viktorvision)

Tom Norberto

– Location –

Rhode Island, USA  

– Music –

"Super Giant Continues" by The Uplifting Bell Ends

"Chlordiazepoxide" by the Uplifting Bell Ends

"The Devil's Incarnation" by the Uplifting Bell Ends

– Year –


– Run Time –


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