Vol.1 | Get-N Classic | VANS [34min]

Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, Alex Knost, and more surfing big waves in Tahiti, California and more. 34min surf video created by Graham Nash in 2015.

( YouTube : Vol.1 | Get-N Classic | VANS)

– Series –

Get-N Classic

– Surfer –

Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu)

Nathan Fletcher (@nathanfletcher)

Alex Knost (@knostthankyou)

Andrew Doheny (@andrew_doheny)

Dylan Graves (@dylangraves)

Kalani Chapman (@kalooneytunes)

Jason "Ratboy" Collins (@jasonratboycollins)

Patrick Gudauskas (@patrickgud)

Dane Gudauskas (@danedamus)

Tanner Gudauskas (@tannergud)

Nathan Florence (@nathan_florence)

Ivan Florence (@ivanflorence_)

John John Florence (@john_john_florence)

Dane Reynolds (@sealtooth)

– Presented by –

Vans (@vanssurf)

– Produced by –

Graham Nash

Jared Abe (@tatsuoabe)

Steve Zeitzoff (@stevezeitzoff)

– Directed by –

Graham Nash

Scott Sisamis (@scottnow)

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

– Film/Edit –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

– Film –

Jared Abe (@tatsuoabe)

Steve Zeitzoff (@stevezeitzoff)

– Additional Footage –

Matt Shuster (@mattshuster)

Curt Meyers

Eric Nelson

Larry Haynes (@fluid_vision)

Chris Steblay

Andrew Christie (@chroniclesofchristie)

Nolan Hall (@nolannow)

Todd Morcom

Brian Conley (@open_ocean_mx)

Matt Wybenga (@mattwybenga)

Kyle Bowman (@kyle.bowman)

Jimmy Graham (@jimmy__graham)

Robert Isambert

Michael Lopez (@low_pez)

Freddy Malone

– Artwork by –

Liam Cassidy (@liamcassidy)

Steve Zeitzoff (@stevezeitzoff)

– Location –

California, USA  


Teahupoo, Tahiti  


Hawaii, USA  

– Music –

"Get-N-Classic Theme" by Gudauskas Brothers Dylan Graves And Andrew Doheny

"My Beach" by The Surf Panks

"Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah" by Black Lips

"Callejon" by Davila 666

"Forever My Queen" by Pentagram

"Short Fuse" by Black Lips

"Stone Magnet" by Electric Wizard

"Keep Us On The Road" by Motorhead

– Year –


– Run Time –


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