Vol.2 | Get-N Classic | VANS [32min]

Nathan Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Patrick Gudauskas, and more surfing big waves in Bali, California and more. 32min surf video created by Graham Nash in 2015.

( YouTube : Vol.2 | Get-N Classic | VANS)

– Series –

Get-N Classic

– Surfer –

Nathan Fletcher (@nathanfletcher)

Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu)

Patrick Gudauskas (@patrickgud)

Dane Gudauskas (@danedamus)

Wade Goodall (@wadegoodall)

Dylan Graves (@dylangraves)

Tanner Gudauskas (@tannergud)

Alex Knost (@knostthankyou)

Andrew Doheny (@andrew_doheny)

Kalani Chapman (@kalooneytunes)

John John Florence (@john_john_florence)

Dane Reynolds (@sealtooth)

– Presented by –

Vans (@vanssurf)

– Produced by –

Graham Nash

Jared Abe (@tatsuoabe)

Steve Zeitzoff (@stevezeitzoff)

– Directed by –

Graham Nash

Scott Sisamis (@scottnow)

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

– Film/Edit –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

– Film –

Daniel Russo (@_danielrusso_)

Jared Abe (@tatsuoabe)

Nolan Hall (@nolannow)

Steve Zeitzoff (@stevezeitzoff)

– Additional Footage –

Matt Shuster (@mattshuster)

Moncho Dapena (@monchd)

Mike Sander

Alex Berger

Nolan Hall (@nolannow)

Andrew Oliver (@_videohead_)

John John Frorence (@john_john_florence)

Mark Heights

Tony Paul Adams (@tonypauladams)

Nate Leal (@nateneal)

Ryan Moss (@ryan.moss)

Billabong (@billabong)

Daniel Treanor (@dtrean)

Kalani Chapman (@kalooneytunes)

– Water Footage –

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

Daniel Russo (@_danielrusso_)

Erik Ippel (@ippelfilms)

Nolan Hall (@nolannow)

– Artwork by –

Liam Cassidy (@liamcassidy)

Nolan Hall (@nolannow)

– Location –

Bali, Indonesia  

Puerto Rico  

California, USA  


South Pacific  



Hawaii, USA  


South Africa  


– Music –

"John John Song" by March Of The Dead Ponies

"All I Want" by The Spits

"In The Halls And Chambers Of Stardust" by Isengard

"H-Bomb" by Night Beats

"Lime In My Friends Eye" by March Of The Dead Ponies

"High Lines And Wall Rides" by March Of The Dead Ponies

"The Sulphur-Coloured Clouds Are Hurrying Through The Lithium Gates" by Puritan

"Bergtrollets Gravfer" by Isengard

"Who Was In My Room Last Night?" by Butthole Surfers

"Marrakesh Twins" by Nolan Hall

"Yegelle Tezeta" by Mulatu Astatke

"Damaged Goods" by Gang Of Four

"West Oz Song" by March Of The Dead Ponies

– Year –


– Run Time –


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