Magic Hour - Surfing [3min]

Ander Ugarte, Alan Aldasoro, Indar Unanue, and more surfing overhead waves in Hossegor. 3min surf video created by Imanol Sorazu in 2012.

( Vimeo : Magic Hour - Surfing)

– Surfer –

Ander Ugarte (@anderuj)

Alan Aldasoro (@alanalda89)

Indar Unanue (@indar)

Marc Lacomare (@marclacomare)

Leonardo Fioravanti (@lfioravanti)

– Film/Edit –

Imanol Sorazu (@sorazu)

– Location –

La Graviere, Hossegor, Landes, France  

– Music –

"Too Afraid To Love" by The Black Keys

– Year –


– Run Time –


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