Volcom Stone Presents: BS! [44min]

The Veeco Productions guide to a perfect night in: For dinner, indulge in a big serving of creamy beef stroganoff. For dessert, crush some nuts and sprinkle them atop a delicious banana split. After hours, sit on your brown sofa in front of your big screen and watch the brilliant shredding of Volcom’s own Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn, Alex Gray, Nate Tyler, Andrew Doheny, and more. Join them as they travel to locations on the this blue sphere known as Earth including Hawaii, California, Mexico, Tahiti, Australia, Africa, and Indonesia . . . in Veeco Productions' latest surf feature, entitled BS!

( YouTube : Volcom Stone Presents: BS!)

– Surfer –

Dusty Payne (@dusty_payne)

Mitch Coleborn (@mitch_coleborn)

Alex Gray (@a_gray)

Nate Tyler (@_natetyler)

Andrew Doheny (@andrew_doheny)

Ozzie Wright (@ozzywrong)

– Presented by –

Volcom (@volcomsurf)

– Produced by –

Brad Dougherty (@braddougherty)

Mikey Guarino

– Directed by –

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Film –

Matt Shuster (@mattshuster)

– Edit –

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Additional Footage –

Bill Ballard

Daren Crawford (@intl_tanimal)

Greg Browning (@gregsworld)

Joders Tyler (@joderstyler)

Jack Doolittle

Steve Kennedy (@skfilms)

Chris Gabriel

Mike Latronic (@mikelatronic)

Mikey Guarino

Jack Morrissey (@jackmorrissey)

Rodrigo Farias Moreno (@fariasmoreno)

Riley Blakeway (@rileyblakeway)

Peter Frieden

Lucas Wimer

Zerf Stinnett

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Artwork by –

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

Ethan Anderson (@eeeyaay)

– Animation by –

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

– Location –






North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA  

– Music –

"Beach" by Need New Body

"Seeing Isn't Believing" by Everybody

"Rhythmtrack03" by RAD

"I Never Knew" by Birds Of Avalon

"Wind Up Willis" by Princess Sweepstakes

"Faraway No.23" by Czar Rose

"Nihilistic Fool" by Brain Squeegee

"What Does It Mean" by Mofi

"Seeing Isn't Believing (Version 2)" by Everybody

"Metaphysical Labor" by Who's Your Favorite Sun God

"Again; Filling The Nothing With Something" by Chant Oh's

– Year –


– Run Time –


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