White Rhino Official Trailer [2min]

A parallel story from the big wave surfers and photographers who witnessed the largest surf ever seen. This story is based on one photographer's journey to capture the wave of a lifetime. In pursuit, three epic swells hit the South Pacific shorelines, providing conditions only madmen could dream of. Hear the story behind these historical days from the men themselves who dared to challenge the 'White Rhino'. iTunes: White Rhino

– Series –

White Rhino

– Surfer –

Bruce Irons (@bruceirons)

Mark Healey (@healeywaterops)

Dave Wassel (@davewassel)

Kalani Chapman (@kalooneytunes)

Kohl Christensen (@deepwatersurf)

Nathan Fletcher (@nathanfletcher)

– Produced by –

Brent Storm (@afterstorm)

Brian Bielmann (@brianbielmann)

Randy Olson

Julie Romaniuk

– Directed by –

Brent Storm (@afterstorm)

– Film/Edit –

Brent Storm (@afterstorm)

– Film –

Tim Bonython (@timbonython_swellchasers)

Bruno Lemos (@lemosimages)

Ryan Thomas (@_ryan_thomas)

Mike Morrissey (@m_morrissey)

Stephen Spaulding

Nick Pollet (@nickpollet)

Simon Saffigna (@shaggamang)

– Location –

Cloudbreak, Tavarua, Fiji  

Teahupoo, Tahiti  

– Year –


– Run Time –


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