Suck My Wake! [22min]

Creed McTaggart, Noa Deane, Scotty Stopnik, and more surfing overhead waves. 22min surf video created by Devin Briggs in 2017.

( Vimeo : Suck My Wake!)

– Surfer –

Creed McTaggart (@creedencecandyxx)

Noa Deane (@ilovetables)

Scotty Stopnik (@scottystopnik)

Troy Elmore (@troyelmore)

Jesse Guglielmana (@jesse_guglielmana)

Tanner Rozunko (@tannerrozunko)

Leila Hurst (@leilahurst)

Stosh Lindsey (@stosh_lindsey)

Andy Nieblas (@andynieblas)

Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu)

JJ Wessels (@jjwessels_)

Tyler Warren (@tyler_warren)

Turkey Stopnik (@chasestopnik)

Jake Reuter (@snakereuter)

Dylan Graves (@dylangraves)

Tanner Gudauskas (@tannergud)

Wade Goodall (@wadegoodall)

Dion Agius (@dionagius)

Chippa Wilson (@chippawilson)

Alex Knost (@knostthankyou)

Dane Reynolds (@sealtooth)

– Presented by –

Captain Fin (@captainfinco)

– Directed by –

Mitch Abshere (@keepsailingbob)

Devin Briggs (@devinbriggs)

– Film/Edit –

Devin Briggs (@devinbriggs)

– Additional Footage –

Mini Blanchard (@miniblanchard)

Andrea Coleman (@andreacolemanphoto)

Kevin Jansen (@robotsfrom)

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

Tyge Landa (@tygelanda)

Bob Hoste (@leewardcreative)

JJ Wessels (@jjwessels_)

Aidan Matthew Stevens (@amsimage)

Matt Tromberg (@metal_neck)

Natty Graham (@nattygraham_)

Jorgito Rivera (@jorgitorivera)

Eden Harrington

– Supported by –

Skullcandy (@skullcandy)

– Music –

"Popgun" by Mary Monday

"No Ticket" by The Rooms

"Chariots Of Fire" by Vangelis

"Making Time" by The Creation

"Fetus Gallery" by Allah-Las

"I"m A Square" by Anorexia

"Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent

"What"s That Got To Do?" by Los Microwaves With Loving You

"Leach" by Bad American

"Even In His Youth" by Nirvana

"America" by Baby"s Gang

– Year –


– Run Time –


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