The Ductumentary : Full Movie | Surf | VANS [42min]

Joel Tudor, Mitch Abshere, Alex Knost, and more surfing small waves in Virginia, Biarritz and more. 42min surfing edit filmed in 2013.

( YouTube : The Ductumentary : Full Movie | Surf | VANS)

– Surfer –

Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu)

Mitch Abshere (@keepsailingbob)

Alex Knost (@knostthankyou)

Tyler Warren (@tyler_warren)

Ryan Burch (@bobbersandsinkers)

Jared Mell (@bangbangboogie)

Harrison Roach (@harrisonsan)

John Haffey

Dolphin Cheetah

Donald Takayama (@surfboardsbydonaldtakayama)

Nat Young | Australia (@bahpat)

Miki Dora

Robin Kegel (@gatoheroi)

Lance Carson

Phil Edwards

David Nuuhiwa (@davidnuuhiwa)

Joe Tudor

Neil Blender (@nblender)

James Parry (@jimmyjamesparry)

Thomas Bexon (@thomassurfboards)

Steve Van Doren

Matt Cuddihy (@mattcuddihy)

Troy Elmore (@troyelmore)

Tanner Prairie (@dashsurfboards)

JJ Wessels (@jjwessels_)

Justin Quintal (@jquinny)

Chad Marshall (@jah_nightsnake)

Ellis Ericson (@ellisericson)

Jai Lee

Christian Wach (@christianwach)

Dane Peterson (@d_peto)

Mikey DeTemple (@mikeydetemple)

– Presented by –

Vans (@vanssurf)

– Directed by –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

Scott Sisamis (@scottnow)

– Film –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

Daniel Russo (@_danielrusso_)

– Edit –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

– Additional Footage –

J Brother (@jbrotherdotcom)

Ira Opper

Bruce Brown (@brucebrownfilms)

Jared Abe (@tatsuoabe)

Ateve Zeitzoff

Josh Nardo (@tastyheavy)

Jack Belli (@jackbelli)

Uncle Toad Media Group

Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu)

– Narrated by –

Mitch Abshere (@keepsailingbob)

– Written by –

Graham Nash

Scott Sisamis (@scottnow)

– Artwork by –

Bryan Caselli

– Animation by –

Bryan Caselli

– Location –

San Diego, California, USA  

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA  

Montauk, New York, USA  

Santa Cruz, California, USA  

Salinas, Spain  

California, USA  

Cote Des Basques, Biarritz, France  

Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia  

– Music –

"Surreal Appeal" by Tomorrows Tulips

"Theme Song For A Revolution" by Matt McCluer

"Together" by Skalpel

"Part The Clouds" by The Blank Tapes

"Children Laughing" by Tomprrows Tulips

"Interlude" by Japanese Motors

"E-Harmony" by Nolan Hall

"Break In" by Skalpel

"Secrets 2" by Radar Eyes

"The Revolution Is Personal" by Matt McCluer

"Wating" by Nolan Hall

"Something" by Nolan Hall

"Unreleased" by Tanner Gudauskas

– Year –


– Run Time –


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