The Ductumentary : Full Movie | Surf | VANS [42min]

Joel Tudor, Mitch Abshere, Alex Knost, and more surfing small waves in Virginia, Biarritz and more. 42min surfing edit filmed in 2013.

( YouTube : The Ductumentary : Full Movie | Surf | VANS)

– Surfer –

Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu)

Mitch Abshere (@keepsailingbob)

Alex Knost (@knostthankyou)

Tyler Warren (@tyler_warren)

Ryan Burch (@bobbersandsinkers)

Jared Mell (@bangbangboogie)

Harrison Roach (@harrisonsan)

John Haffey

Dolphin Cheetah

Donald Takayama (@surfboardsbydonaldtakayama)

Nat Young | Australia (@bahpat)

Miki Dora

Robin Kegel (@gatoheroi)

Lance Carson

Phil Edwards

David Nuuhiwa (@davidnuuhiwa)

Joe Tudor

Neil Blender (@nblender)

James Parry (@jimmyjamesparry)

Thomas Bexon (@thomassurfboards)

Steve Van Doren

Matt Cuddihy (@mattcuddihy)

Troy Elmore (@troyelmore)

Tanner Prairie (@dashsurfboards)

JJ Wessels (@jjwessels_)

Justin Quintal (@jquinny)

Chad Marshall (@jah_nightsnake)

Ellis Ericson (@ellisericson)

Jai Lee (@jai_billy_lee)

Christian Wach (@christianwach)

Dane Peterson (@d_peto)

Mikey DeTemple (@mikeydetemple)

– Presented by –

Vans (@vanssurf)

– Directed by –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

Scott Sisamis (@scottnow)

– Film –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

Daniel Russo (@_danielrusso_)

– Edit –

Graham Nash

Reagan Ritchie (@r_ritchie)

– Additional Footage –

J Brother (@jbrotherdotcom)

Ira Opper

Bruce Brown (@brucebrownfilms)

Jared Abe (@tatsuoabe)

Ateve Zeitzoff

Josh Nardo (@tastyheavy)

Jack Belli (@jackbelli)

Uncle Toad Media Group

Joel Tudor (@joeljitsu)

– Narrated by –

Mitch Abshere (@keepsailingbob)

– Written by –

Graham Nash

Scott Sisamis (@scottnow)

– Artwork by –

Bryan Caselli

– Animation by –

Bryan Caselli

– Location –

San Diego, California, USA  

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA  

Montauk, New York, USA  

Santa Cruz, California, USA  

Salinas, Spain  

California, USA  

Cote Des Basques, Biarritz, France  

Basque Country  

Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia  

– Music –

"Surreal Appeal" by Tomorrows Tulips

"Theme Song For A Revolution" by Matt McCluer

"Together" by Skalpel

"Part The Clouds" by The Blank Tapes

"Children Laughing" by Tomprrows Tulips

"Interlude" by Japanese Motors

"E-Harmony" by Nolan Hall

"Break In" by Skalpel

"Secrets 2" by Radar Eyes

"The Revolution Is Personal" by Matt McCluer

"Wating" by Nolan Hall

"Something" by Nolan Hall

"Unreleased" by Tanner Gudauskas

– Year –


– Run Time –


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