Makala Smith | NobodySurf Originals [3min]

Makala Smith at Malibu, San Onofre, Spring and Fall 2019. Smooth and powerful -- that’s all I can say about Makala Smith. As long as traditional single fin longboarding is around, Makala’s cut back and bottom turn will always be insane. From my opinion, she cut backs deeper than anybody, she bottom turns faster than anybody. If you are wondering about the essence of traditional longboarding, you should watch how Makala surfs. (Tatsuo Takei)

( YouTube : Makala Smith | NobodySurf Originals)

– Series –

NobodySurf Originals

– Surfer –

Makala Smith (@shredsista)

– Film/Edit –

Tatsuo Takei (@tatsuo_takei)

– Supported by –

NobodySurf (@nobody_surf)

– Location –

Malibu, California, USA  

San Onofre, California, USA  

– Music –

"July" by JITZUWA FINDER (@mickeyrock)

– Year –


– Run Time –


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